5 More Challenging Games to Play for Christmas

These action-puzzle games are sure to get you hyped up about the coming Christmas holiday - play them now! 5 More Challenging Games to Play for Christmas large

Most Christmas games are pretty mellow and casual but if you’re up for something more difficult; something that might just get your adrenaline-pumping for the coming Christmas holidays, well… we’ve got the perfect games for you - Check them out!

Penguin Skip

If you’re up for a challenge, Penguin Skip is definitely a Christmas game you’d want to play! The game starts off easy and simple enough, you just need to move your penguin from iceberg to iceberg by moving either to the left or right with the ultimate goal of not dropping your penguin into the chilly ocean. However, the pace of the game really picks up after a while and you’ll find yourself having mere nano-seconds to decide between hopping left or right.

Of course, there are also fishes that you can pick up along the way for points and if you manage to reach certain points thresholds – there are 3 – then you’ll get to unlock a new outfit or accessory for your penguin that it can wear on the next run.

Jump from iceberg to iceberg: https://www.xmasgames.co/play/penguin_skip

Christmas Furious

Christmas Furious may not look like much but boy, the game’s super challenging! In this game, you’ll not only need to keep Santa and his sleigh afloat by clicking or tapping; you’ll also need to avoid all the dangerous pumpkin-shaped balloons, and other obstacles, along the way.

Once you get through the difficult stretch of the game, you’ll then be presented with gifts that you’ll then need to pick up by running through them. However, this in of its own is a challenge because you’ll need to still keep your sleigh afloat without spilling too many of the gifts you’ve collected over the side. The game ends shortly after this part of the gameplay, when you finally arrived at the Christmas tree where you’d help Santa unload all the presents.

Help Santa deliver presents to the Christmas tree: https://www.xmasgames.co/play/xmas_furious

Snow Smasher

Snow Smasher is a brick-breaker game where you’ll break bricks of ice and snow using your snowball and paddle which you can move by dragging it with your mouse, or if you’re playing this on your phone, finger. The goal here is to not let the bricks reach the line at the bottom. However, there’s a little catch – the bricks you break may sometimes drop amazing power-ups like fireball or bonus points in the form of presents. How many points can you rack up?

Smash some bricks and find out: https://www.xmasgames.co/play/snow_smasher

Frozen for Christmas

There aren’t a lot of arcade shooter-based Christmas games out there, and because of this, Frozen for Christmas is one of the rarer games around!

Here, you’ll need to help Santa retrieve all the stolen presents from mischievous elves-slash-thieves by shooting them with your freeze gun and also avoiding getting harmed by these elves by jumping from platform to platform. It takes a couple of shots to make sure the elves will drop whatever gifts they’ve stolen so be sure to not turn your back on a frozen elf… not until he drops a gift that you’ll want to pick up.

There are lots of levels for you to play and naturally, the difficulty will only increase as you progress!

Retrieve all the presents from those naughty elves: https://www.xmasgames.co/play/frozen_for_christmas

Flapcat Christmas

The game that takes the cake when it comes to being the most challenging is, hands-down, Flapcat Christmas! In this game, you play as a cat dressed as Santa who’s heading out on the usual Santa run to deliver presents to all the nice kids. Based on the infamously-frustrating yet addicting, hyper-casual game, Flappy Bird, the gameplay here involves clicking or tapping at suitable intervals to keep your sleigh afloat and also to keep it away from the pillars, or any other obstacles, along the way. How long can you last before you crash the sleigh?

Don’t crash the sleigh into a pillar! https://www.xmasgames.co/play/flapcat_christmas