A Christmas Magic: Top 5 Games for the Season

Get into the festive mood before Christmas and get yourself familiar with 5 of the best games for the Christmas season. A Christmas Magic: Top 5 Games for the Season large

Considering the time of the year, there’s no doubting the fact that there are going to be quite a few people around the world on the lookout for some high-end Christmas-themed games that they can get lost in for hours upon hours and, if you’re among this audience of players, this is definitely the article for you.

We’ve gone through the massive selection of games we have available and have picked out some of the absolute best Christmas-themed games that are available. We have no doubt that you’ll enjoy what these games have to offer and the best part is that they’re all browser-based so you’ll be able to enjoy them to your heart’s content in the device of your choice, be it on a PC or on your phone.

Xmas Solitaire

Solitaire is a format that’s loved by thousands of people from all over the world and if you want to relish a truly remarkable experience of solitaire, Xmas Solitaire is the game that you should check out. The game offers classical gameplay where you’ll have to stack up cards from the smallest value to the top in as less time as you can but what makes the game a lot more appealing is its festive layout and animations so if you’re looking for a fun-to-play solitaire game, here’s one.

Magical Christmas Story

Hidden objects game can never be boring, can they? Well, Magical Christmas Story is a fascinating hidden objects game with tons of exciting levels for you to play. The gameplay is similar to traditional games of this genre but the festive layout makes it even more exciting and the level collection is certain to keep you hooked for countless hours so if you’re a fan of the genre and want to get into the festive mood, this is the game.

The Hidden Christmas Spirit

The Hidden Christmas Spirit is another fascinating hidden objects game that doesn’t cease to impress at all. The game features the same brilliant gameplay that this genre is known for and the fact that it comes with a vast collection of levels makes it even more enjoyable so if you’re on the hunt for something similar, this is the game that should be given a try.

Christmas Dreamland

Matching tiles has never been this much fun. Christmas Dreamland is a superb tile-matching puzzle game that impresses on multiple fronts. The game doesn’t come with any over-the-top elements but executes the core elements with perfection and this ensures the experience remains fresh and engaging so if you’re into tile-matching games, give this game a try.

Icy Match

Last but not the least, Icy Match is another splendid match-3 puzzle game that’ll keep you glued to the screen. This browser-based game comes with all the modern-day match-3 elements and even has a wide array of challenging levels to help you enjoy a wonderful experience. The visuals are also brilliant so, all in all, this is a game that’s worthy of trying.

All things considered, there are many Christmas-themed games out there but to help you find the best ones, Monstera.games is the best platform so visit this entertaining platform and get your hands on some of the best Christmas-themed games.