5 Challenging Christmas Games that will Get You Pumped for Christmas

Get yourself hyped for Christmas with these fun yet challenging Christmas-themed action games! 5 Challenging Christmas Games that will Get You Pumped for Christmas large

Christmas is just two more months away! If you’re looking for some fun yet challenging Christmas games to get yourself pumped for Christmas, Xmasgames.co is definitely the website you want to visit. Check out our selection of games right here!

Winter Adventures

Kicking off the list is this easy-to-get-into yet super challenging, reflex-based game, Winter Adventures, where you’ll need to click to make your character slide in the opposite direction and avoid falling snowballs while doing your best to collect as many stars, candies and hot cocoa as you can within the time limit. The hot cocoa and candies will help extend the time you get to collect more stars, while the stars you get is then used to buy Christmas decorations for your Christmas trees – you’ve got two of them.

Start decorating your Christmas tree now: https://www.xmasgames.co/play/winter_adventures

Snowball Christmas World

Snowball Christmas World is also a reflex-based game but unlike Winter Adventure, it is a puzzle game as well. The goal for every level in this game is for you to help the snowman exit the level via the exit portal but to unlock the portal, you’ll need to first collect the key. The key is often placed in various tricky locations and you’ll need to use your platform-jumping skills to help the snowman to retrieve it. Of course, there are plenty of dangers, like spikes, along the way and most important of all – don’t fall off the edge of the platform!

Get the snowman to the portal: https://www.xmasgames.co/play/snowball_christmas_world

Snowball Champions

Get into the Christmas spirit by joining some kids in their snowball fight! Help your team of snowball champions beat the other team by hitting all of them with accurately-aimed snowballs within the time limit. You can use the walls to bounce your shots or pass the snowball onto your teammates just so you can hit further opponents. Play games to earn coins and you can then use the coins to buy some adorable new clothes for your team!

Throw some snowballs: https://www.xmasgames.co/play/snowball_champions

Mini Putt Gem Holiday

Although Mini Putt Gem Holiday doesn’t rely as much on your reflexes as the first two games do, it is similar to Snowball Champions in some aspects mainly because what the game challenges is your aiming skill instead. Hit the golf ball into the hole in the fewest number of moves possible and be sure to use the walls and mistletoe to bounce your ball closer towards the hole. There are also many gems that you can collect along the way and the more you get, the more points you’ll have!

Putt some golf balls: https://www.xmasgames.co/play/mini_putt_holiday

Groovy Ski

Are all of the previous games “too easy” for you? Well, Groovy Ski is definitely the game you’ll want to play! In this game, you’ll need to help switch the direction of the skier so that he doesn’t hit either the fences or any of the dangerous obstacles in between. As opposed to the previous 4 games, Groovy Ski is a game that will put both your reflexes and your accuracy (when skiing along narrow paths) to the ultimate test!

How far could you ski? https://www.xmasgames.co/play/groovy_ski