5 Best Christmas-themed Jigsaw Puzzle Games on Xmasgames.co

We have gathered the very best Christmas-themed jigsaws that you can find on Xmasgames.co on this list; you have no excuse for these cozy days. 5 Best Christmas-themed Jigsaw Puzzle Games on Xmasgames.co large

Nothing compares to the inner peace that you get when you make a jigsaw in your living room with your cozy clothes and a cup of hot chocolate, but what if you don’t have any jigsaws to make this Christmas season? Well, there’s nothing to worry, since we have gathered the very best Christmas-themed jigsaws that you can find on Xmasgames.co on this list.

Jigsaw Puzzle X-Mas

Jigsaw Puzzle X-Mas is a simple game with a lot of options and a different number of pieces for all kinds of jigsaw fans. If you just want to chill for a while and watch that little squirrel on the snow, pick the 29 pieces jigsaw, sit and relax. But if you want a real Christmas challenge, use your coins to buy the neighborhood jigsaw, you know the one with a lot of tiny details, and play the 100 pieces game mode.


If jigsaws are not your special thing, you can always play some fun hidden objects games to exercise your sight and your ability to differentiate stuff; for these holidays Xmasgames.co gives you beautiful snowy landscapes to find your objects in it with HidJigsChristmas. There’s a long list of objects that you have to find by using an image of them, but if you don’t find them before the first minute, you’ll lose.

Santa Claus Jigsaw

We are back with jigsaws because absolutely everybody loves jigsaws. So to make it better we have a game full of jigsaws and the pictures that you have to arrange in the right order are pictures of the most beloved red-suited man in the world, that’s right Santa Claus. Santa Claus Jigsaw is a collection of jigsaws of the father of Christmas in three different levels of difficulty to make it interesting.

Santa Jigsaw Puzzle Game

This jigsaw game is not like the others and that’s the reason why we have it on this list because you can solve your jigsaws while you hear some jolly Christmas music and you see the snowflakes fall. In Santa Jigsaw Puzzle Game each jigsaw is composed of 49 pieces and the frame is your only clue to figuring out where each piece goes. It’s a real challenge, but it’s still very funny and easy to enjoy.

Christmas Jigsaw Challenge

If you’re a lover of jigsaws this list must be the best for you and that’s our goal so we brought you our final Christmas jigsaw game and it’s just a simple collection of Christmas-themed jigsaws with beautiful images to help you boost your holiday spirit. You have it all in Christmas Jigsaw Challenge, cute music, adorable snowmen, fluffy reindeer, and a lot more so don’t miss the chance to play this great jigsaw game.

Christmas’s a beautiful holiday with a lot of meaning and we hope that you can enjoy it a lot with these entertaining jigsaw titles. That’s it for today and we will see you later in our next post.