4 Casual Christmas Games that will Get You into the Christmas Spirit

Get yourself into the Christmas spirit with these fun casual Christmas games! 4 Casual Christmas Games that will Get You into the Christmas Spirit large

The best time of the year is almost here and what better way to get yourself into the Christmas spirit than by playing fun Christmas games like what we’re absolutely delighted to recommend to you right here!

Jewel Christmas

And of course, to round everything up, we’ve got a Christmas-themed match-3 game that stands out from the typical browser-based match-3 games that you might have played before by offering a ton of different game modes for you to enjoy! There are plenty of challenging obstacles too, from stars that you’ll have to drop to the bottom or frozen tiles that you’ll have to remove. The game’s endless though and you’ll need to do your best to stay in the game for as long as you can in order to achieve the highest high score!

What’s your high score? https://www.xmasgames.co/play/jewel_christmas

Happy Xmas

Happy Xmas/Christmas is a challenging yet entertaining, casual matching game where you drag and slide the tiles to match at least 3 tiles of the same patterns together to remove them from the board. Each level in this game comes with specific goals and you just need to collect all the required number of tiles within the time limit to proceed to the next. Of course, if you could beat the timer and complete a level faster than the clock, you’ll earn some extra points as well!

Drag and slide to make some matches: https://www.xmasgames.co/play/happy_christmas

Unfreeze Penguins

Help save the penguins by unfreezing them in this fun and quirky, casual game! To play, you just need to find a cluster of penguins of the same color and click on them to thaw them. You can also earn some bonus points by hitting the combo jackpot by getting all three reels filled up on the slot machine, and use power-ups like bombs and vertical blasts to unfreeze a lot of penguins at the same time.

Rescue some penguins by unfreezing them: https://www.xmasgames.co/play/unfreeze_penguins

Yeti Sensation

Do you enjoy playing games like Temple Run? Well, enjoy a Christmas-themed endless runner by playing as none other than the abdominal snowman, the Yeti!

Food has been scarce and the Yeti’s out and about to gather some berries for the winter as fast as he can while trying to avoid getting captured by zealous Yeti hunters who are hellbent on showing the world that the Yeti is real. However, there are many obstacles along the way and you’ll need to do your best to help the Yeti avoid the obstacles and hence, evade capture.

How long can you last? Rack up as high a score as you can and feel free to challenge your friends to do the same!

Steal berries and don’t get caught: https://www.xmasgames.co/play/yeti_sensation