3 Connect Games You'd Want to Play for Christmas

Welcome the magic and wonder of the holiday with these amazingly-fun, connect-2 games! 3 Connect Games You'd Want to Play for Christmas large

Christmas has always been associated with joy and happiness, and what better way to get into this spirit than by playing fun, Christmas-themed games? If you love relaxing matching games, well, you’re in luck! Here are 3 connect games that you’ll sure want to play for Christmas:

Christmas Connect

There’s no other connect game that will get you into the Christmas spirit like Christmas Connect can! Have fun matching two colorful tiles of the same pattern together to remove them while enjoying the upbeat, jazz-ified tune of Jingle Bells. Be quick on your feet and complete the level to proceed to the next, and if you need any help, know that the game provides you with hints and shuffle that you can use.

Race against the clock: https://www.xmasgames.co/play/christmas_connect

Xmas Connect

Looking for something more mellow? Xmas Connect has the tune to match, in addition to offering an on-the-clock, connect-style gameplay that you know and love to play! As with any respectable connect game, Xmas Connect provides shuffles and hints if you need them. There are tons of levels to play here though, so you might want to save up on your hints and shuffles, and only use the when absolutely necessary.

Connect some Christmas-themed tiles: https://www.xmasgames.co/play/xmas_connect

Onet Connect Christmas

Featuring three different Christmas themes to play, Onet Connect Christmas is a fun and casual, match-2 game where you match two unblocked tiles with the same patterns together to remove them from the playing field. Remove all of the tiles to win! It’s really that simple! However, be mindful of the moves you make because there are only so many shuffles and hints that you are given to use.

Choose a theme and start playing: https://www.xmasgames.co/play/onet_connect_christmas